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Koe Wetzel

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Surrounded by flames, amps cranked all the way up, and no f*cks given, Koe Wetzel leaves a trail of sold-out venues, screaming fans, and empty booze bottles in his wake wherever he goes. Proudly hailing from Northeast Texas, he has quietly asserted himself as the ultimate country rockstar, bulldozing the boundaries between Nashville songcraft, rowdy Texas spirit, and rainswept Seattle hard rock. After moving 1 million units under the radar and popping off as one of the hottest live performers in the game, he welcomes everyone to the party on his 2022 full-length offering, Hell Paso [Columbia Records]. “I did what I wanted to do,” he exclaims. “This was straight up me. Nobody told me to do this record. We
pulled in every genre we were feeling at the time. We spent the last ten years trying to make this sound — Hell Paso is it.” Never compromising, Koe might just be the last real rebel out there.  Treaty Oak Revival and Tanner Usrey will provide support for the Evansville show.